Are You Taking Your Photography Seriously?

Be honest with yourself.

Chances are you have already invested a lot of money into your photographic equipment. You own a wonderful camera or a fancy mobile phone, maybe a few excellent lenses, and some of the best editing apps.

But deep inside you know very well that something is still missing.

You need inspiration. And we have tons of it here for you.

That’s the number one reason why hundreds of photographers from around the globe have already decided to join the PHOLABORATE mastermind group.

Get Inspired By Some Of The Best Photographers Out There

Thomas Heaton

Ami Vitale

Peter Turnley

Watch them at work. Listen to their stories.


We’re building an unprecedented
photographic community.

PHOLABORATE is the very first photography community on the internet, which revolves around originally produced documentary movies available exclusively to its members.


You will be learning photography by SEEING and LISTENING
to some of the most renowned image makers out there.


Get exclusive access to originally produced PHOLABORATE documentaries featuring some of the most knowledgable and inspirational photographers out there.

Photo Critiques

Get a chance of having your images personally critiqued by one of our renowned guest photographers.

LIVE Webinars

Participate in monthly online LIVE sessions with some of the most acclaimed image-makers and industry leaders from around the world.

Photography Forums

Learn from serious and constructive discussions on our membership forums. Concentrate on photography and don’t worry about irrelevant comments, spammy posts, or annoying adverts.

Challenges & Assignments

Take part in monthly challenges and assignments. Discuss submitted images with other members of the mastermind group.

No Distractions.

Enjoy one of the kind, extremely focused and ad-free photography environment and community of like-minded and passionate photography enthusiasts willing to learn and inspire each other on a daily basis.

Become a Member Now And Save Up To $120 Every Year

Don’t miss this opportunity and become one of the founding members of PHOLABORATE. You can now benefit from the early-bird discounted pricing. Lock your membership fee for life now, as it may increase as we will keep adding content and resources.

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Does It Matter Which Camera You Use?

Not so much.


But there are definitely different tools for different kinds of jobs. PHOLABORATE is a group of photographers shooting with DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, mobile phones, medium format cameras, analogue cameras – you name it.


Whatever camera you use – you will feel at home with us.


What People Are Saying

“It is a brilliant idea. Even for a talented photographer, the only way to progress is to take inspiration (without copying) from the great photographers and thus form his own photographic personality.

Philippe Roose, Belgium

“It is refreshing to be able to contemplate a site which will offer not merely discussion re hardware and shutter speeds etc., but also a more contemplative approach to what we are trying to achieve as serious photographers. ”

Sue McLeod, USA

“The concept of PHOLABORATE identifies and remedies the large gap between beginner to experienced and experienced to artistically confident.  This provides the dedicated subscriber the ability to peer inside the minds and hearts of top artists in the industry in order to gain insight into how to see, develop and produce extraordinary imagery.”

Joshua Simmons, USA

“Wonderful idea! A refuge for everybody who is serious about photography and seeking a place where ideas, creativity, technicality and inspiration can grow.  A place where you can learn from master photographers and find mastership in your own photography art!”

Koen Van Dijck, Belgium

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In order to guarantee the best possible experience inside of our mastermind group, we are strictly limiting the initial number of membership spots to 2000.
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How do I know if PHOLABORATE is for me?
If you’re a passionate photographer, amateur or professional, and you are willing to stay inspired, keep learning and constantly improving your way of seeing and crafting your images, being a member of Pholaborate WILL help you.

It’s been proven several times that being exposed to the work of other great photographers and being surrounded by like-minded individuals, is the very best way to improve your own photography.

If I want to cancel, can I get a refund?
Of course! If you are on a monthly or quarterly plan, we will simply stop charging you. If you are on a  yearly plan, we will refund your remaining balance.
Does becoming a Pholaborater guarantee results?
The actions and efforts YOU invest in your photography will always have the best effect on how quickly you will improve as an artist.

Although we can’t guarantee results, one thing we can guarantee is that we will do everything we can to provide a community that gives you the inspiration, know-how, support and accountability you need to succeed in your photographic endeavours.

Whether you do so, or not is entirely up to you and the action you take to improve your photographic skills.